Table of Memories

Table IV (Memories) is dedicated to the reminiscences and memory; it has many legs and each one is different. Indeed, it is actually many tables, many individual stories. This multiplicity is also symbolised by the pile of tablecloths on the table—ironed, neatly folded and faded, each tablecloth carries a story from the past that we will never know in its entirety. On old tablecloths, with distant stories no longer available to our memory, are arranged newer and newer, up to completely unused, still "unscribed".

Anna Królikiewicz, TABLE IV, oak wood, linen, cotton, design in collaboration with Anna Wilczyńska

The installation Tables was created by Anna Królikiewicz for the exhibition "What’s Cooking?" as an artistic counterpoint to historical narration. The four tables metaphorically and poetically convey the main ideas presented in the following parts of the exhibition: Tradition, Diaspora, Modernity and Memories.
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