Declaration of the availability of the website "What’s cooking. Jewish Culinary Culture” POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its website in accordance with the provisions of the Act of April 4, 2019 on Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Entities. The accessibility statement applies to the website.

Website publication date: 06/06/2022

Date of last significant update: 06/06/2022
Status in terms of compliance with the law
The website complies with the Law on Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Entities.

Preparation of an accessibility declaration

The declaration was made on: 6.06.2022.
The declaration last update: 27.03.2023

The declaration was drawn on the basis of a third-party evaluation conducted by Openform s.c. (Openform design & digital studio).
Feedback and contact details
• Responsible for considering comments and requests: Aleksandra Cybulska.

• E-mail:

Everyone has the right to:

• make comments on the availability of the digital site or its fragment,

• make a request to ensure the availability of a digital page or its fragment,

• request that the inaccessible information be made available in another alternative form.


The request must include:

• contact information of the person making the request,

• indication of the page or fragment of the page to which the request relates,

• indication of a convenient form of making the information available, if the request concerns making the inaccessible information available in an alternative form.


The request should be reviewed immediately, within seven days at the latest. If it is not possible to provide accessibility or provide access in an alternative form within this period, the problem should dealt with within two months from the request date at the latest.
Complaints and appeals
Complaints on the failure to meet these deadlines and the refusal to implement the request can be submitted to the supervisory authority by post or e-mail to:

• Supervisory body: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

• Address: 15/17 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street

• E-mail:

• Phone: 22 25 00 140


Complaints can also be submitted to the Ombudsman.