The installation "Tables"

The installation Tables was created by Anna Królikiewicz for the exhibition What’s Cooking? as an artistic counterpoint to historical narration. The four tables metaphorically and poetically convey the main ideas presented in the following parts of the exhibition: Tradition, Diaspora, Modernity and Memories.
Anna Królikiewicz's installation "Tables"
Anna Królikiewicz, visual artist, talks about the installation "Tables" created for the exhibition "What’s Cooking? Jewish Culinary Culture" presented at the POLIN Museum from March to December 2022.
Table I (Tradition)
Anna Królikiewicz, Table I (Tradition), pine timber, elements made of vitrified clay (by: Michał Majchrowicz), cotton tablecloth embroidered with floss (embroidery: Małgorzata Markiewicz)
Table II (Diaspora)
Anna Królikiewicz, TABLE II, birch timber, polymethylene, brass, beans, bulgur, chickpeas, lentils, nutmeg, grouts. Project in cooperation with Joanna Tofiło.
Table III (Modernity)
Anna Królikiewicz, TABLE III, oxidated steel, lamps. Project in cooperation with Joanna Tofiło, Tomasz Krupiński.
Table IV (Memories)
Anna Królikiewicz, TABLE IV, oak wood, linen, cotton, design in collaboration with Anna Wilczyńska.
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